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Restorative Dentistry

Patient receiving dental treatment

  • Dr John Barton and associates provide all forms of gentle, patient-friendly dental care in our city center studio.
  • We believe that dentistry should be a low stress experience, with patients feeling in control of the treatment situation and being keen and enthusiastic to come to the office for their dental care.
  • We especially welcome nervous patients and find them professionally rewarding and can routinely cater for their special needs.
  • We have nitrous oxide sedation (Happy Gas) available in the office, many nervous patients find this helps them fantastically to lower anxiety and gain confidence.
  • We offer an informal five year guarantee on all our restorative work, subject to patients being members of our dental hygiene continuing care programme.
  • We only use dental restorative materials that have been quality tested by the Internationally renowned American Aesthetic Dentistry Research Group at the University of Texas.
  • We use the ultra-low dose GENDEX digital dental x-ray system.