Tooth Whitening

Donkey's teeth

We have over the years whitened an awful lot of smiles. For many people the experience is life changing especially when it is combined with Invisalign treatment.

  • We use the classic tray bleaching method with what we consider is a particularly effective tray design that we have developed over the years.
  •  We have developed techniques that mean our whitening patients have a virtually zero rate of post-treatment sensitivity as, the person writing this web page for instance, could not at one time whiten his teeth – now he can.
  • We consistently return our patients’ tooth colour to the whitest of the naturally occurring shades of teeth on the VITA international shade guide i.e. the colour you had when in your early twenties. We call this the classic “A1/B1” result, by careful patient monitoring and top-up bleaching we can virtually maintain this result indefinitely.
  • We don’t use laser tooth whitening, as scientific research by the respected Clinical Research  Associates of Utah shows the results are pretty much the same as tray bleaching, We tried laser whitening on staff and it has been our experience that the laser causes a very high incidence of post-treatment tooth sensitivity.