International Health Center

Dental Hygiene


Good oral hygiene is linked to good general health, people with healthy mouths have lower incidences of illnesses such as coronary artery disease, atheroschlerosis, strokes and diabetes. Our dental hygienist, Martina is a very gentle dental hygienist who we like to think of her as a little hummingbird that is cleaning away at your teeth. We offer:

  • A Continuing Care Programme of Dental Hygiene with retreatment visits  at custom intervals depending on your needs.
  • Coaching on how to brush your teeth and clean interdentally more effectively and more easily.
  • Flossing & Brushes – we believe you should clean interdentally with dental tape or brushes as often as you possibly can in your busy daily life – Keep floss in several places, use it when reading email at work, in your travel washbag and of course in the bathroom. We are realistic about flossing – patients told to floss every day rarely do so – but you must floss it as often as you can.
  • Think of dental flossing as the pension plan of your teeth, you floss now to reap the benefits of great health gums in old age.
  • Advice on toothpastes, toothbrushes and inter-dental cleaning aids for your situation. We recommend the ranges of Oral B brushes and Colgate toothpastes.
  • For patients with periodontal disease needing deeper cleanings we believe you must always be anaesthetised to do the job effectively. We use the gentle root and gum numbing gel Oraquix®, we also have gentle ways of giving local anaesthesia as well as “Happy Gas” nitrous oxide sedation.

Anecdotally, we used to have a South African dental hygienist called Lisa working with us, she said that of the twelve or so practices that she had worked in during her career, that our patients as a group had the cleanest mouths, we are proud of this opinion.