Cosmetic Dentistry

Smiling mouth

Dr John Barton and Roberta Rizzi dedicate themselves professionally to gently providing the best aesthetic solutions for each patients’ individual dental problems, and are able to:

  • From abrasion cavities to chipped front teeth we can virtually invisibly restore teeth – nowadays the advanced dental materials we select to use have light dispersion values nearly identical to human enamel this makes them very difficult to detect aesthetically when placed in teeth.
  • Whiten teeth, and restore the colour and chroma the teeth had when you were just out of high school we call this an A1/B1 result.
  • We have been practising minimally invasive dentistry for long before it became a dental buzzword AND we always go the extra mile to save teeth.
  • All our veneers, crown and bridgework are produced by the quality Dental Laboratories in Milan with whom we have an excellent work experience and relationship.
  • We believe it is very important to provide Smile Maintenance for our patients and Dana our gentle dental hygienist administers the programme for the studio.
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation (happy gas) is always available to eliminate the stresses of treatment and is ideal for anxious patients.