Our Fee Structure

It is difficult to give exact prices over the phone or by email for work needed without seeing the tooth involved. Things like …. simple or complex restoration? What is the best filling material for the situation? Is the tooth alive and well? Is reinforcement with a post or pin needed? Would a crown be a better solution? Etc ….. all these things need to be considered. So for this reason:-

  • We offer a free initial evaluation and digital x-ray, then once we have seen the situation, we can provide you with a more precise cost estimate and time frame.
  • We accept cash, cheque and all the major credit cards, and for more complex cases offer extended payment terms subject to status. Below is a list, which gives some indications of our prices for various treatments.
Visit to evaluate a single tooth with a problem
Small digital x-ray of the same tooth
Diagnostics & Initial Treatments
New Patient Examination
Small X-rays
Panoramic Dental X-Ray
Emergency Treatment – Palliation of problem and/or pain
Invisalign Orthodontics – Feasibility Evaluation
Paediatric Orthodontic Assessment
Hygienist – Continuing care visit (existing patient)
Paediatric periodic check-up and cleaning
Preventive resin coating of a tooth
One surface cosmetic composite resin filling
Two surface cosmetic composite resin filling
Root canal therapy
from €350
Recementation of a Crown
Cosmetic Treatments
Invisalign treatments from i7 to full Invisalign
from €985 – 5500
Veneers and Crowns
from €595
Complete Teeth Whitening

Complex Cases

We provide a full written estimate at the time we present your treatment plan, this generally reflects also the employment of a dental technician, his special skills and materials, and any precious metals that are used.

Tax Deductibility

In Italy, the costs of medical and dental treatment are 19% tax deductible from your next tax return.