Invisalign Teen – It’s Cool… We like it!

Because very simply, Invisalign Teen works. The aligners are nearly invisible and treatment is nearly 15% faster than conventional braces. For some adolescents major orthodontics in the teenage years can be quite a testing experience, Invisalign suffers from none of the “Ugly Betty type braces” hangups of old.

  • The hi-tech aligner material is very comfortable indeed to wear – no wires and brackets causing mouth ulcers, food trapping or inflamed gums.
  • You take the aligner out when you eat and when you clean your teeth.
Teenage Patients
  • Most sports and especially contact sports can be problematic with braces, Invisalign Teen has none of these drawbacks and the aligners also function as a gum shield.
  • Learning a wind instrument is no longer an issue as with braces, playing clarinet is actually easier wearing an aligner.
  • Many teenagers are uncomfortable wearing any type of fixed braces and are embarrassed, Invisalign Teen suffers from none of these problems and the whole treatment experience is regarded as being “cool”.

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