Free Initial Invisalign Consultation

We offer a free half hour consultation to discuss your suitability for Invisalign treatment. To find out which type of Invisalign is right for you, we need to create a personalised ClinCheck® for you. This involves digital model preparation, x-rays and photos and these are combined with the treatment plan to develop your own personalised treatment simulation called ClinCheck®.

The ClinCheck®

The ClinCheck® case work-up costs €250, which is under cost price to us. Then if like 9 out of 10 patients, you go ahead with the treatment. These costs are absorbed into the treatment price. We offer interest free credit on Invisalign, typically a patient pays 1/3 of the total cost as a deposit at the start of treatment, then the balance is paid over the predicted life of the treatment in either monthly or four stage payments.

Invisalign – Indicative Treatment Prices

Treatment Type

Duration and Type

of Treatment

All Inclusive Price

(Includes free tooth whitening)



Lower Fixed


Invisalign i7

3 Months

(7 Aligners or fewer)

Very, very slight corrections

€1300 (1 arch)
€1800 (2 arches)



Invisalign Lite

6 Months

(Up to 14 aligners + 1 refinement)

Mild crowding or spacing

€2500 – €3600

Depending on complexity



Invisalign Teen

A special system of aligners for the special needs of the typical growing Adolescent patient.

€4500 – €5500

Non applicable



10 – 24 Months

Typical adult crowding

Though for very severe cases

€4500 – €5500

Depending on time and complexity determined by the ClinCheck®



Vivera Retainers

A set of three identical retainers with special features.

This means you have a retainer and a spare and we can keep the third one safe for you.

3 upper or lower trays: €220

3 sets of upper and lower trays: €320

(Special price for reserved for our Invisalign patients)

Can be used as top Bleaching trays

Non applicable

The Invisalign orthodontic treatment system comes in many shapes and sizes and there is one of the four types of aligners just right for your situation, in order to get more information and treatment estimates in terms of time needed, complexity of care and fee quotation we offer a free initial consultation, please call us to fix an appointment on 02 7634 0720