International Health Center

Allergy Treatment

Plant and Tree Pollens

Relocating to a Italy for some people means misery suffering from severe pollen allergy symptoms, this can be particularly tough to cope with especially in Spring when the tree and grass pollen is at it’s worst. Very occasionally those delicious new foods you come into contact with in Italy can cause problems for some people. Luckily for us, Dr Evelyn Falconi Klein our dermatologist, is also a qualified allergy specialist, and she is able to diagnose and treat the allergy problems you may experience here in Milan. We are able to offer expertise in the following areas:-

  • Allergy testing for food and environmental allergens using prick & patch testing as well as by blood testing
  • Desensitization treatment and medications to overcome allergic responses
  • Dietary planning and counselling for food allergies, gluten intolerance
  • Identification of asthma stimuli, therapy and prevention regimes